tattoo procedure Contradictions

Abnormal blood pressure

Major allergies, hypersensitivity, auto-immune disorders

Reactions to anaesthetics such as topical, local, dental

HAVE A Bleeding disorder

Taking blood thinning (anticoagulant) medications

IF YOU HAVE Diabetes

ANY Heart condition or pace maker

If YOU have ever had Isotretinoin / Roaccutane therapy

Personal or family history of MethemoglobinemA


this is not necessarily stating you should not get cosmetic tattooing however, a more detailed review will be undertaken to ensure it is the right thing for you





tattoo procedure preclusions

Pregnancy or breastfeeding

Persons under the age of 18

Persons who are under any influence of drugs or alcohol

Blood Borne and other Serious Communicable Disease

Bisphosphonate Therapy

Isotretinoin / Roaccutane therapy in the previous 6 months

Clients with a history of hypertrophic or keloid scarring

Eye Conditions for eyeliner Unless the client has given written approval from a specialist

Active cold sores

any Reaction to a Test Patch

Dermal Filling Gels and laser resurfacing less than 8 weeks old

you cannot be tattooed over Areas of skin diseases / disorders, Infections or broken skin, Moles, Birthmarks, Age Spots


these are absolute preclusions, I will not perform a cosmetic tattoo service where a preclusion applies