cosmetic tattooing

after each cosmetic tattoo procedure, clients will be provided an after care pack, it includes all after care information you need for immediate and long term lasting results, it also includes all product and supplies needed for caring for your new tattoo.

please read below all aftercare information for each cosmetic tattoo procedure.

All cosmetic tattoos appear 20% to 30% darker in colour for the first few days. Due to swelling in your lips and eyeliner, it may not appear to be straight. Please allow a week or so for the colour to settle, and for swelling to go down. Any colour or shape adjustments can be made during your perfecting session. Do not use any cleansers, makeup and avoid swimming, spas and putting your face under any running water from the shower etc. To clean, use a soft face washer and simply dab the tattooed area, without any rubbing. Cold pads can be used to reduce any immediate swelling, and you can use your normal moisturiser. If there are any signs of infection to the tattooed area, including unusual swelling, pain, discharge, inflammation, hot skin then please see your GP as soon as possible.


Eyebrows generally take between 7 to 10 days to heal, right when you really want to show off your stunning new brows, you will need your patients for the first week.  Apply a thin layer of Bepanthen cream to the eyebrows 5 - 6 times a day. Before applying new cream gently wipe off any remaining cream with water and cotton wool, or soft face washer. If the skin feels itchy, try applying a thicker layer of cream. Do the same if you notice flaking of the skin however, it is normal for the skin to peel or appear dry in the healing process.

eye liner

Eyeliner will generally heal within 4 days. If a light colour eyeliner has been used the colour may fade up to 50% however, we can make it slightly darker in your perfecting session. Avoid using mascara until healing is complete and do not rub your eyes. Apply the Bepanthen cream to the eye line with a cotton tip 3 - 4 times a day, keep the area feeling moist. For the first day or two you may have some swelling, cold pads applied 3 or 4 times per day may reduce this. Avoid rubbing your eyes with tissues

Lip Liner & Lip Blend

There will be some swelling with lip tattooing, and the lips will appear much darker than the chosen color. This color will lighten over the coming week, and the tenderness will subside. The healing process is between 3 and 4 days with lip liner tattooing, or a week for full lip treatments. Apply Bepanthan cream as often as needed to keep the lips feeling moist. If you do experience dryness or flaking of the skin, avoid picking at it. Simply apply more cream and let the lips exfoliate themselves in the healing process. It is not recommended to wear lipstick for the first few days, and avoid hot drinks and spicy foods. To ensure best healing, avoid kissing anyone on the lips (particular for protecting against cold sore sufferers). Your lips may feel dryer than usual for a few months afterwards, use a SPF moisturising lip balm, and apply the Bepanthan daily to keep them moist and protected.

Note. If you have ever had a cold sore having your lips tattooed may cause an outbreak of cold sores on the lip area, to minimize this from happening it may be advisable that you take an antiviral such as L-lysine one week prior to your treatment and after treatment apply Zovirax cream to the lips, please discuss this with your doctor prior to your procedure. Even so you still may get a cold sore after having your lips tattooed even if you have never had cold sores in the past.

Long term care

It is recommended to wear SPF moisturiser and lip balm everyday to protect your skin and lips. Always wash your face with warm but not hot water and avoid using harsh soaps. Also avoid the use of chemical peels and Retin-A cream on the tattooed area. Exposing your skin to the sun or solarium will also lead to a faster fading tattoo. If you take proper care with your tattoo, it may last up to 2 years without needing a touch up.